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Publications 2010


Vélez PE, Garreta LE, Martínez E, Díaz N, Amador S, Tischer I, Gutiérrez JM, Moreno PA (2010). The Caenorhabditis elegans genome: a multifractal analysis. Genetics and Molecular Research 2010 May 25;9(2):949-65.

H.F. Tobar, P.A. Moreno and P.E. Vélez(2010). Highly conserved regions in the 5’ region of human olfactory receptor genes Genetics and Molecular Research 2010 Feb 25;8(1):117-128.

Almanza M, lopez-Lopez, K, Tellez CE, Moreno PA (2010). Empirical Evidences of statistical regularities and power laws in the genomes of Arabidopsis thaliana, oriza sariva and mus musculus Acta Agronómica Universidad Nacional de Colombia. 2010


Irene Tischer (2010). On protein structure prediction. International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Informatics (ICAMI). Colombia, 2010. ISBN 978-958-670-843-2.

IRENE TISCHER, LUIS ERNESTO GARRETA UNIGARRO (2010). Conformational Analysis of Molecular Dynamics Simulations of three representative Proteins Colombia, Nacional Evento: Quinto Congreso Colombiano de Computación, Colombia, 2010.

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